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Coronavirus and Domestic Abuse

Group HR Strategies & Policies:

People Strategy 2022-2027

Recruitment and Selection Policy

Performance Management Policy

Disciplinary Policy

Travel and Expenses Policy

Grievance Policy

Harassment and Bullying Policy

Flexible Working Policy

Staff Travel and Expenses Policy

Fair Work First Statement


Albyn Housing Society HR:

AHS Staff Pay and Grading Structure 2023/24


Group Corporate Strategies, Policies & Procedures:

Complaints Handling Procedure 2021

Entitlements, Payments, & Benefits Policy

Data Protection Policy

Freedom of Information & Environmental Information Policy

Equal Opportunities Policy

ICT Security Policy

Health & Safety Policy

Risk Management Strategy

Social Media Policy

Sustainability Policy

Whistleblowing Policy and Procedures

Equality and Human Rights Policy

Equality and Human Rights Strategy


Albyn Housing Society Corporate Policies & Procedures:

AHS Board Recruitment Process


Group Finance Policies & Procedures:

Financial Regulations

Treasury Policy

Procurement Policy

Anti Bribery Policy

Rent Policy

Service Charge Policy

Approval and Authority Limits

Group Property Services Strategies, Policies & Procedures:

Asset Management Strategy 2023-2028

Asbestos Policy

Electrical Safety Policy

Gas and Oil Servicing Policy

Fire Safety Policy

Radon Policy and Procedures

Legionella Policy

Estate Management Policy


Group Customer Services Policies & Procedures:

Adaptations Policy & Procedures

Customer Involvement Strategy

Anti Social Behaviour Policy & Procedures

CCTV Policy

Unacceptable Actions Policy

Debt Prevention and Recovery Policy


Albyn Housing Society Customer Services Policies & Procedures:

Highland Housing Register Allocations Policy

Voids Management Policy

Keeping Vulnerable People Safe Policy

Rechargeable Repairs Policy


Highland Residential Policies & Procedures:

Rent Arrears Policy

Mid Market Rent Setting Policy

Mid Market Rental Allocation Policy


Codes and Rules:

Albyn Group Code of Conduct for Staff

Albyn Group Code of Conduct for Board Members

Albyn Housing Society Rules


AGM Minutes:

AGM Minutes 2018-2019

AGM Minutes 2019-2020

AGM Minutes 2020-2021


Annual Reports:

Annual Report 2018-2019

Annual Report 2019-2020

Annual Report 2020-2021

Annual Report 2021-2022

Annual Report 2022-2023


Business Plans:

Albyn Housing Society Business Plan 2019-22

Albyn Housing Society Business Plan 2020-2025

AHS Business Plan Summary 2022-2027

AHS Business Plan Y2 23-23


Feedback Reports:

Complaints Received 2017-2018

Complaints Received 2018-2019

Complaints Received 2019-2020

Complaints Received 2020-2021

Complaints Received 2021-2022

Complaints Received Q1 2022

Complaints Received Q2 2022

Complaints Received Q3 2022


Finance Reports:

AHS Group Financial Statements 2018-2019

AHS Group Financial Statements 2019-2020

AHS Group Financial Statements 2020-2021

AHS Group Financial Statements 2021-2022

AHS Group Financial Statements 2022-2023


Regulator Reports:

Engagement Plans

Assurance Statements


Performance Reports:

Customer satisfaction surveys



Spring Newsletter 2024

Winter Cost of Living 2023

Autumn Newsletter 2023

Summer Newsletter 2023

Spring Newsletter 2023

Autumn Newsletter 2022

Winter Newsletter 2021

Autumn Newsletter 2021

Summer Newsletter 2021

Winter Newsletter 2020


Tenant Leaflets:

Mould and Damp Leaflet 2024

Preventing Burst Pipes Leaflet - 2022

Condensation Leaflet - 2020



Albyn Group Board Member Register of Interests

Albyn Housing Society Board Standing Orders

Board Members Code of Conduct

Board Remit

Remuneration Committee Remit

Audit & Risk Management Committee Remit

Board Minutes


Customer Charters: 

Tenant Charter Report 2023

Tenant Charter Report 2022

Tenant Charter Report 2021

Tenant Charter report 2020

Scottish Government Social Housing Charter 2021


Forms and downloads:

ASB leaflet 

Direct Debit Mandate

Housing Application Form 2020 and HHR Housing Application Guide 2020

Society Application Form

NHBC condensation leaflet

Termination of Tenancy - North Office

Termination of Tenancy - South Office

Tidy Tenancy leaflet


Contractors and Contracts:

Albyn Group Reactive Repairs Contractors 2021/22



Insurance Certificate 2021