How we rent homes in Caithness

The four housing partners of the Highland Housing Register in Caithness are piloting a new way of allocating some of their properties which will give applicants much more choice about the housing they will be offered. The Caithness Choice Based Lettings scheme covers houses, bungalows and flats in Caithness.

Vacancies will be advertised and instead of waiting to receive an offer of housing, applicants on the Highland Housing Register will be able to choose which properties they are considered for by responding to an advert.

Allocations will be made to the person who has the most points or oldest application who has registered an interest.

Thurso Properties

We have no available properties in Thurso.

Wick Properties

Bremners Walk, Wick, KW1 5HU

3 bedroom, mid terraced, 2-storey house with Biomass heating.
This property is suitable for 4 person. The rent is £481.25 per calendar month

If you are interested in any of these properties

Email your name, address, telephone contact details and the property you are interested to

Or contact us direct on 0300 3230990 to express an interest.

Other available properties in Caithness
The available properties of our partner landlords can be viewed on their websites; Pentland Housing Association, the Highland Council, Cairn Housing Association