I'm a new tenant

Moving home can be exciting, but it can also be overwhelming. We have collated a helpful list of things to remember to do when you move address;

  • Registering to vote from your new address
  • Finding contents insurance (Albyn Housing provide buildings insurance but this does not cover your personal items; carpets, sofa etc.) Visit the SFHA Diamond Insurance for more information.
  • Registering for Council Tax
  • Finding out which days your refuse bins will be collected
  • If you have a garden, you will need to register with the Highland Council to have your garden waste collected
  • Updating your address (bank, credit card, doctors, DWP, DVLA etc.)
  • Shop around for energy suppliers and ensure you are on the best tarrif for you (see our energy advice page for more details)
  • Shop around for the best phone/internet package for your budget
  • Ensure you have made arrangements for regular payment of your rent
  • If you want to carry out any DIY, ensure you have the correct permissions from your Housing Officer
  • Redirecting your mail from your old address
  • Ensure you are aware how to heat and ventilate your home correctly to prevent condensation. If you want more advice on how to do this, contact your Housing Officer or visit our pages on energy and fuel advice.
  • If you do not drive, check out the local public transport timetables