Fire and safety

We take the safety of our tenant’s very seriously and take measures to ensure our homes are safe.

Fire Safety Check

You can arrange a free fire safety visit from the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service. It only takes 20 minutes but it can save your life.

You'll get tips and advice on how to keep you safe in your home and avoid a fire breaking out – and what to do if it does. You'll even get free extra smoke alarms if you need them.

How do I book a free home fire safety visit?
Speak to your housing officer or book your free visit by:

Safety tips

  • get a free home safety visit – call 0800 0731 999
  • make sure you have a smoke alarm and regularly test the alarms to ensure they work. If you don’t, call us or speak to your housing officer.
  • don’t leave rubbish or bulk items lying about communal areas – it’s dangerous
  • always put cigarettes out properly in an ashtray
  • switch off electrical appliances at the wall when you leave your home or go to bed.
  • Ensure your electrical appliances are in good working order
  • Ensure you allow contractors in to your home to test the electric and gas supplies
  • Never leave appliances unattended when you are cooking