Leadership team & CEO Department


Our Leadership Team is responsible for the day to day management of the Society and is led by our Group Chief Executive.


Kirsty Morrison - Group Chief Executive

Kirsty joined Albyn in February 2021 in an interim capacity and was appointed to the Director of Customer Services role that June. In August 2021, she transitioned to the role of Interim Chief Executive, and was appointed permanently to this role in July 2022. Kirsty has 20 years’ experience in strategic development, business improvement and innovation, business development and performance and change management, in both housing and community safety services. Laterally, Kirsty was commissioned to redesign service delivery and significantly improve performance in an RSL, and to improve culture and employee engagement. She also led on a successful Transfer of Engagements.

Kirsty has a Post Graduate Diploma in Housing Studies and an MA (Hons) in English.

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Maureen Knight - Deputy CEO and Executive Director of Operations

Maureen joined Albyn in September 2021 in an interim capacity as Director of Customer Services, and was appointed permanently to this role in August 2022. Maureen brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to Albyn from her 37 years of working in the RSL sector across the Central Belt. Prior to joining Albyn, Maureen has been working as a consultant with several housing associations undergoing periods of significant change and are looking to improve their customer service experience.

Maureen’s range of disciplines include housing management, repairs maintenance, and development. She brings a positive and enthusiastic approach, and she will work closely with the Leadership and Customer Services Teams to continue to deliver excellent services that will focus on improving our customer’s lives.

Albyn Housing Assoc board portraits

Laurie MacLeod - Head of HR

Laurie joined Albyn as Interim Head of HR in March 2020, and appointed to the role in January 2021. Her focus has been on supporting our people through Covid-19, furlough, and improvements in Albyn’s people processes and practice.  With 34 years’ professional HR practice, it’s about supporting organisations where the purpose, vision and values drive behaviours and culture.  Laurie is a chartered member of CIPD, has a degree in archaeology from the University College, Cork - National University of Ireland and a postgraduate diploma in personnel practice from the University of Westminster.

Albyn Housing Assoc board portraits

Andrew Martin - Executive Director of Group Services

Andrew joined the organisation in April 2018. Andrew has a strong background in accountancy and is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Certified Accountants (FCCA). He brings a wealth of experience having worked within the finance roles in a variety of sectors in the UK and abroad. Andrew holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Management from the Nottingham Trent University Business School.