If any member of your household has a physical disability or an ongoing medical problem that makes living in your home difficult, we will try to help you.  There are two ways you may be able to get help.

  •  Social services can provide aids such as grab rails.
  •  We may be able to arrange for adaptations such as replacing a bath with a shower or changing the height of worktops or kitchen units. If we do not have the funding you may be able to arrange and pay for the work yourself.  You must have our written permission to carry out any work on your home.  For more information, phone our Customer Services Team.
  • There are details of occupational therapists and social services in the 'Your contacts and notes' section of the tenancy handbook
  • If you think you need an adaptation we will arrange for a suitably qualified specialist, usually an occupational therapist, to carry out a formal assessment.  They will give us a written report telling us what changes need to be made to your home, and give a priority for the work to be done.   We will work out the cost of the work. If we have the funding available we will arrange to have the work carried out for you.