Rights and Responsibilities

You'll find all your rights and responsibilities in your Tenancy Agreement. It’s your responsibility to tell your housing officer if your circumstances change, including who is staying in the home.

What are my rights and responsibilities?

Your rights:

  • to have the security of a tenancy agreement
  • to enjoy your home
  • to have the option of having a joint tenancy, take in a lodger, sub-let your property, transfer (assign) your tenancy or swap homes with another tenant (mutual exchange)
  • to have a home that is weather-poof and fit to live in
  • to have certain repairs carried out
  • to improve or alter your home, if permission is granted
  • to receive information and be consulted
  • to complain

Your responsibilities:

  • to live in the property as your main or only home
  • to pay your rent
  • to avoid damage to the property
  • to respect others
  • to report repairs and keep your home well decorated
  • to give us access to carry out repairs
  • to not in a way likely to cause a nuisance

Who do I speak to about my tenancy?
You can speak to your Housing Officer for more information on your tenancy agreement. You can also request a copy.

Scottish Secure Tenancy Rights Housing (Scotland) Act 2014 changes