Your new build home

If you have recently moved into one of our “new build” properties, congratulations on your new home.  Whether or not you have been an Albyn tenant before, you may have some questions about how things work.  There is a lot to take in on sign-up day. Following on from our work with the Customer Involvement Strategy Monitoring Group (CISMG) we have improved the information provided in each property to make your life easier.

What information we provide
Each property has its own Tenant Property Manual and Quick Guide.  There you will find lots of information about your property including

How to operate the systems in your home, such as heating, hot water, smoke detection and ventilation.
What to do in an emergency, including where to find the stop cock.
You will also find some information on cleaning, TV arrangements and taking care of your garden.
Where available we will also include links to instructional video clips.
If you are still unsure about how to operate your heating system, want help changing your tariff or for energy advice, then please feel free to contact our Tenancy Operations Team and ask for a referral to Changeworks.  As an Albyn tenant you are free to change your supplier and tariff, and it is recommended you seek advice prior to doing so to get the best deal to suit your circumstances.

The first 12 months after your property has been handed over is known as the “defects liability period”.  During this period, our original build contractor is responsible for attending to any build-related problems.  You still report problems with your property during this period on 0300 323 0990 as per your Tenant Property Manual, and our team will determine whether the issue is a defect or a normal repair and assign it accordingly.  When you report a problem with your property, please be sure to leave a telephone number as it is likely one of our team will need to call you back.  We may need to arrange an inspection to gather further details and will also need to pass your number on to our contractor who will make access arrangements with you directly.

Please be aware that you are not to decorate your property during the defect liability period.  It is normal during this period that small cracks may appear on your internal walls.  This is due to your property drying out and settling.  For settlement cracks we will ask you to keep a note of these and they will be attended to at the end of the defect liability period.  Other issues reported will be attended to within normal repairs timescales as appropriate.

Nearing the end of defects
When your property is around 10 months old we will contact you to arrange an “end of defects inspection” to identify any remedial works required.  This will usually be undertaken by Albyn’s Clerk of Works and our Agent.  If any remedial works are identified, these will be attended to by the contractor. A further inspection may be required, or you may be asked to sign a form to confirm they have been completed, depending on the complexity of the works required.  It is important that you allow access for both the inspection and for any remedial works to be carried out, as no access will result in any works becoming your responsibility.  Any new issues reported after the end of defects inspection has taken place will be treated as normal repair and managed by our Repairs and Maintenance Team with attendance by our repairs contactors.

New tenant survey
You may be asked to complete a survey in relation to your property.  We ask that you take the time to complete the survey as your views are important to us.  The results of the surveys help inform us of what we are doing well and any improvements we can make.  We hope you will be very happy in your new home.  If you have any questions or concerns please contact us.

Your Development Team