Yellow Weather Warning

You will be aware of the drop in temperatures and the need to stay safe. Albyn offices remain closed to the public but our staff are available 0300 323 0990 (North) 0300 323 0991 (South).

During this cold spell, reduced staff are attending the office. Our focus during this cold spell will be to support tenants by making telephone calls to those in our most vulnerable categories. We have pulled together some helpful information to assist you:

Albyn funds: Albyn have a number of different funds which we have put in place in order to support our tenants who require a little extra help. This extreme weather may impact your household costs, please get in touch if you would like to learn more about how these funds can help. They are there to be used so please speak with your housing officer, or ring our main office numbers (above) and ask for more information.

Preventing Burst Pipes – When the temperature is below freezing your pipes are at higher risk of freezing which can lead to burst pipes and flooding – we’ve put together some tips to help you avoid this – Preventing Burst Pipes

Ready.Scot have put together some advice on what to do in extreme weather: Protect your home against snow and ice (

Highland Council key information pages:

Expected temperatures – Monday’s -8° weather was the lowest expected temperature this week, steadily rising throughout the week, however, we must still be cautious as it will remain freezing well into the weekend. See the Met Office forecast for your area.