Tidy tenancy scheme

At Albyn we really appreciate tenants who work with us to look after their homes and have a trouble free tenancy and we would like to take this opportunity to thank those of you who work with us to achieve this.


Unfortunately, there are a small minority of our tenants who are unwilling to co-operate with us and we are forced to spend thousands of pounds each year to bring these properties back into a reasonable state, monies which could be spent improving everyone’s homes. Therefore, we feel that those tenants who have worked with us deserve a reward for doing so when they move on.


The Tidy Tenancy Reward Scheme allows those tenants who return properties to us in good condition (ready for the next tenant) to claim up to £100 if they inform us of their intent 4 weeks in advance (this may be less if you are transferring) and meet some very simple conditions.


We know that moving is a very stressful time so we’ve aimed to make the Tidy Tenancy Reward Scheme as simple as possible. If you need more information, please contact the Customer Services Teams in either the Invergordon or Inverness offices.


What you need to do


To be eligible for the first £50, simple inform us of your intention to leave your property a minimum of 4 weeks prior to your moving date and allow your Housing Services Officer to visit and inspect your home.


To be eligible for the second £50, you must meet the following requirements when you leave the property;


  • Return all the keys you were given when you began your tenancy (If you have lost any you can get more cut)
  • Leave us a forwarding address
  • Give us your final meter readings and tell us who your Electricity/Gas suppliers were
  • Leave the property clear of furnishings, belongings and rubbish
  • Leave the garden tidy and clear of rubbish
  • Leave the house clean
  • Leave your wheelie bins for the next tenant
  • Do any repairs which you are responsible for (these will be explained to you by your Housing Services Officer when they visit)
  • Leave the internal decoration in a reasonable condition


How to claim your reward


If you have met all the conditions we will either send you a cheque or make a credit to your bank account (provided you have given us your bank details). Whilst we  will aim to do this within 20 working  days of your tenancy ending that may not always be possible. If it is not possible then we will explain why and give you an alternative timescale.

The payment is made to the outgoing tenant, in the case of a joint tenancy it would be paid in joint names unless other arrangements are made with us. If you owe any debts to us they will be deducted from the award prior to the payment being made.