The Scottish Social Housing Charter

Wednesday 31 October 2018

The Scottish Social Housing Charter was launched by the Scottish Government in 2012, and sets out the standards and outcomes that Housing providers like Albyn should aim to achieve.

To view a copy of the Charter, click on the link below:

Scottish Social Housing Charter 2017

Reports from the Regulator on how we’re doing

Each year the Scottish Housing Regulator publishes a report on how we’re performing as a landlord.  These reports can be accessed below:

Latest Report: LandlordReport

Report to the Tenants on how we’re doing

Each year we will consult with tenants on what they would like to know about our performance as a Landlord, and then provide the answers in a ‘Tenant Charter report’.  This is not the same as the Regulator report found above, but is all about what our Tenants want to know.

AHS Tenant Charter report 2018