Staying connected

How we communicate with you

By using different channels, we offer you choice in how you stay informed. Staying connected with Albyn is not just about receiving information. It is about being an active participant in your community. By engaging with our communication channels, you empower yourself with knowledge and help shape the decisions that matter.

Direct communications
When we want to keep you informed about something important to your tenancy, we will usually pick up the phone, visit or communicate with you by letter.
Face to Face


Printed materials

We try to limit what we print, both to reduce our impact on the environment and to keep costs low. However, this is often the most reliable way to ensure that all tenants stay informed about Albyn’s activities.

Online services

Fast, efficient and cost effective, our digital communications aim to keep you informed and empower you to find out more about the topics that interest you.
Digitally – email and text
Website – we are planning to review our website in 2024, contact us to get involved.

In person events
Face to face communications play a central role in building relationships, allowing us to visit communities and offer support on your doorstep.
New tenant events
Pop up surgeries
Estate visits


At Albyn, our commitment extends beyond housing provision, our aim is to keep you informed, empowered, and supported throughout your tenancy journey. We do this by keeping you informed about a diverse array of topics that directly impact your living experience.

About us
We will keep you informed about the delivery of our functions, our organisational structure, what we spend and how we spend it, how we manage our resources, and how we are performing.
We also share the numerous ways that you can use your voice to take part in shaping the organisation.

Your home
We aim to empower you by providing information on many aspects of managing your home and your tenancy such as: how we rent homes, your housing options including mutual exchanges, your rights, and responsibilities and how we will respond to repairs and anti-social behaviour, and how to stay safe.

Ways we can help
In addition to managing your tenancy, we want to support you to live well, and we aim to provide information and advice on various sources of community resources, support and advice, as well as grants and funds tailored to your specific needs.