Scottish Housing Regulator National Panel




Add your voice, help us improve services …
Would you like to help improve social landlord services in Scotland? Add your voice to the Scottish Housing Regulator’s National Panel of Tenants and Service Users!

The Panel is one of the ways that the Scottish Housing Regulator can hear what tenants and service users think and make sure it focuses on the important things. Members receive occasional surveys and invites to take part in other feedback exercises. Participation is always optional and you can leave at any time.

We want to include a diverse range of people on the Panel, including those who are not involved in other ways of giving views on landlord services.

Members include council and housing association tenants, people who have used homeless services, homeowners who receive social landlord factoring or common repairs, and people living on social rented Gypsy/Traveller sites.

You can join online at

Call 0800 433 7212

Get a printed form by calling or emailing