We Need Your Help

Over the coming months Albyn will be reviewing our operational policies and procedures.

We will also be introducing new ones to ensure our services meet our customers’ requirements, to continually improve and that we are complying within all areas we work in.

You are very important to us and we want to make certain that you have a say in how these services are shaped.

We understand you have busy lives, but we also understand you want and should have a say in how these services are delivered.

Therefore, we will be launching several Customer Consultations soon, where there will be various opportunities to get involved, and we would very much appreciate you taking the time to be part of these conversations.

We don’t want to leave anybody behind so we will be using social media, our website, postal surveys, text, email, and face to face at our offices in Inverness, and Invergordon.

The first Customer Consultation will be coming shortly, which is on Gas Safety, (and will only affect our customers who have gas appliances).


Please watch out for further details coming soon!