Unacceptable actions towards our staff

Our staff members work extremely hard on behalf of our tenants. Many have been passionate about housing for decades and they deserve to feel safe at work. We recognise that people may act out of character in times of trouble or distress, however, the actions of customers who are angry, demanding or recurringly persistent may result in unreasonable demands being placed on our time and resources or cause distress to staff.

Aggressive or Abusive Behaviour
We understand that customers may have genuine cause to be angry, we consider it unacceptable however, if that anger escalates into aggression towards staff. We will not tolerate any form of violence or abuse towards staff and expect all customers to display courtesy and respect.
Aggression can include physical acts of violence that may result in harm or injury. It also includes behaviour or language (whether verbal or written) that may cause staff to feel afraid, threatened or abused. We also consider inflammatory statements and unsubstantiated allegations to be abusive behaviour.

Unreasonable Demands and Unreasonable Persistence
Individuals may make what we consider unreasonable demands on staff, as a result of the amount of information or assistance they seek, the nature and scale of service they expect or the levels of contact they make or maintain with us. We consider these demands as unacceptable and unreasonable if they start to impact substantially on the work of staff, including taking up an excessive amount of time to the disadvantage of other service users.

You can find our full policy on unacceptable actions here.