Preparing for the shut-down of the Radio-Teleswitch service

We wrote to some of our tenants in early February this year about how you may be affected by the shut-down of the Radio-Teleswitch service due in March 2024.

Many of us have electricity meters which are controlled by a radio signal sent from radio masts in Scotland. These radio-teleswitched (RTS) meters are fitted in houses where electricity is used for heating and hot water, and the radio signal controls the times when cheaper electricity is supplied for heating. Houses with RTS meters generally pay for electricity through a dual-rate tariff (such as THTC or Economy 7), which means they pay one cost for standard energy (sockets, lights etc) and another cost for heating (storage heaters, hot water tank etc).

The RTS service is planned to be shut down at the end of March 2024 and so RTS controlled meters will no longer function. Energy suppliers are planning to replace these RTS controlled meters with smart meters able to manage dual-rate tariffs, before the RTS service shutdown. Whilst it is expected that your energy supplier will contact you when they are able to install a smart meter in your home, we advise that you contact them well before March 2024 to confirm what their plans are for your home.