Highland Housing Register (HHR) Rightsizing Scheme

The Rightsizing Scheme is an incentive designed to help make best use of social rented stock in Highland by increasing the supply of family sized and accessible homes available for re-let through the Highland Housing Register (HHR).

How is a tenant offered a Rightsizing Payment?

An eligible HHR tenant may be approach by a Housing Officer to discuss a possible re-housing under the Rightsizing Scheme. A tenant will be asked to complete a HHR Application if they agree to proceed. The Rightsizing Payment will be approved after the HHR Application is processed and the Housing Manager has approved the move.

Being approached for the Rightsizing Scheme and/or falling under the eligibility criteria does not guarantee a tenant will be offered a Rightsizing Payment.

A tenant downsizing to a smaller or non-accessible property through the normal HHR process will not receive a payment, tenants will only receive a payment if they have been offered a Rightsizing payment before the move.

You can download the HHR Rightsizing Scheme Policy here.

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