Milton Community Celebrate Tenant Forum’s 30th Anniversary

Friday 26 June 2015

The Milton community hosted a family fun day on Saturday 20 June to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the local tenant forum – now the longest running in the Highlands.

Lord John Thurso and representatives from Albyn Housing Society and the Moray Firth Radio street team joined residents and visitors as they enjoyed a range of stalls, raffles and games in the heart of the village.

Formed in 1985, the forum was established to ensure local people had a say in how homes in the village were allocated and managed by landlords.

The Society took over as landlord in 1993 after it was approached by the forum, who feared for the sustainability of their community after the closure of the smelter, the relocation of the RAF and the pending departure of their then landlord, Scottish Homes.

Since then the Society has worked closely with the forum to drive improvements within the local community, including enhancements to properties and the village environment.

Speaking of the forum’s anniversary celebrations, Isabell McLaughlan, Vice Chair and founding member of Milton Tenant Forum, commented: “Our Committee is made up entirely of unpaid volunteers, and has been throughout our 30 year history. Everyone has worked so hard over the years to ensure Milton remains a thriving and happy community. Thirty years is a fantastic age – we believe we are now the longest running forum in the Highlands – so we wanted the whole community to celebrate with us. Thank you to everyone who helped made our day such a huge success.”

Calum Macaulay, the Society’s Chief Executive, added: “Tenant forums play a hugely important role in supporting housing associations like Albyn Housing Society to drive improvements locally, and ensure tenants receive the best service possible.

“On behalf of the Society I would like to wish Milton Tenant Forum many happy returns on this special occasion. We hope everyone had a great time at the family fun day, and I look forward to continuing to work with the Milton community for many years to come.”