Local Housing Strategy Survey

The Highland Council are seeking local community feedback by way of a public housing survey that will help steer the new Local Housing Strategy (LHS) 2023-2028.

The plan for addressing the housing challenges facing local communities include:

  • Increasing the range of housing options to meet housing need
  • Developing successful places which are connected to transport, services and jobs
  • Tackling and reducing homelessness
  • Improving housing affordability
  • Supporting people with particular needs to live independently
  • Improving the energy efficiency of homes and tackling climate change
  • Improving the quality and condition of existing homes.

All Highland residents are urged to participate in the survey which should take no more than 5 minutes to complete. All survey responses will be for research purposes only and it will not be possible to identify individual households from the responses.

Highland Council launch new public local housing strategy survey | The Highland Council