Keep Well in Easter Ross


Keep Well is a national programme that is being rolled out in parts of the area covered by NHS Highland. It is designed to deliver free targeted health checks to people aged between 40 and 64, who are identified as being at greatest risk of preventable ill health as a result of life circumstances.

These health checks provide a chance to make a positive difference to a person’s health by reducing the possible risk of future disease and helping to make them feel better now.

They can be carried out by a health practitioner, pharmacist or paramedic and take about 30 to 40 minutes. The checks include a physical check up, general questions about health and lifestyle and an opportunity for people to ask about any health related problems or worries.

If the nurse or practitioner finds the potential risk of conditions like heart disease is low, there may be no need for any follow-up advice or action, but support will be available if people want it. If the risk is higher, they will receive advice and support to make changes to their lifestyle or be referred to other healthcare professionals as appropriate.

Health checks are currently being offered in the EASTER ROSS area. To request your health check contact  07901671083 text or call  0r on 01349 869200 and leave a message or email

More information can be found on the Keep Well website at or through the contact details above.