Inside Albyn: Executive Assistant

Thanks for taking the time to read Inside Albyn, where we invite you to step into the diverse world of Albyn Housing Society. Today in celebration of #ScottishHousingDay we are telling you all about Brett, our Executive Assistant.

What are your primary responsibilities and tasks?

Primarily, I look after all the CEO & Leadership team requirements and needs. This includes diary management to ensure no clashes and prioritise what meetings etc are most important.

Part of my role is maintaining good relationships with stakeholders and contacts such as MPs, MSPs and Cllr’s, and keep track of internal and external meetings and what’s required, including making accommodation arrangements for attendees.

What does a typical day look like?

  • Keeping on top of last-minute changes to meetings and events
  • Coordinating diaries to suit attendees
  • Ensuring MP/MSPs enquiries are responded to in a timely manner
  • Ensuring action notes from internal meetings are produced on a regular basis
  • Keep on top of diary appointments
  • Looking ahead into the future of meetings and events and plan ahead requirements ie booking of venues etc

Are there any unique challenges or exciting aspects?

No day is ever the same, you need to be flexible to adapt to all changes

How do you contribute to the mission and values of our organisation?

It’s super important to ‘being professional’ at all times: internally but also externally when meeting stakeholders and other HA’s at events etc.

Being an excellent ambassador for Albyn! By being highly professional and setting the standard of relationship management that Albyn wants to be known for. I am at the forefront of establishing our reputation with partners and stakeholders as I am often the first person at Albyn they will come into contact with. And that first impression counts!

Can you share a specific success story or memorable experience?

My colleague and I supporting of two recent events we held for HILG members, CEO’s session in March and the Chairs session in May this year which were both successful. There was a lot of organisation skills involved and prep work in advance, but all this hard work paid off