Inside Albyn: Business Services Co-ordinator

Thanks for taking the time to read Inside Albyn, where we invite you to step into the diverse world of Albyn Housing Society. Today in celebration of #ScottishHousingDay we are telling you all about Paula, our Business Services Co-ordinator.

What are your primary responsibilities and tasks?

As a Business Services Coordinator, I am responsible for ensuring the seamless operation of our first-point-of-contact service and providing administrative support to all departments. I also work closely with, and am guided by, our Deputy CEO and Executive Director of Operations. My role also involves taking minutes at monthly Managers and Senior Staff team meetings.

I am the Line Manager to a team of Business Services Administrators, we work together to ensure customer engagement and admin distribution is carried out to exceptional customer service standards, ensuring we follow our processes and good communication across all departments. The foundation for success in this role is project and time management skills, incorporating organisational and problem-solving.

We want to develop good public relations with external organisations.  We attend and organise networking events that focus on tenant engagement and experience.

Are there any unique challenges or exciting aspects?

As the first point of contact in the social housing sector, tenant and customer satisfaction is our main goal and focus. We ensure we listen attentively and empathetically and resolve whenever possible. Listening skills and a good overall knowledge of the organisation are necessary. As is the ability to triage and co-ordinate across departments.

We are passionate about helping our tenants and receive an immense sense of achievement when this is carried out.

How do you contribute to the mission and values of our organisation?

We are dedicated to supporting our business, tenants, and communities with professionalism, adaptability, and compassion, treating every individual respectfully and ensuring responses and actions are carried out with integrity.

Can you share a specific success story or memorable experience?

A recent local community event was held in Invergordon, where our Head Office is located. We were active in our support to ensure the event was a success. We promoted on our social media platforms and website and our staff photographer was present to capture memorable moments. The event was very successful, with a good gathering of local people and a community coming together.

There are many great aspects to a Business Services Co-ordinator but having the opportunity to get involved and establish good relations within our community is the best part for me!