How we demonstrate value

At Albyn, we take pride in being stewards of your rents, ensuring that every penny is dedicated to maintaining and enhancing your homes. Our commitment goes beyond meeting national averages – it’s about delivering quality and energy-efficient housing that surpasses expectations.

The money you pay in rent is put towards the cost of providing the services you receive as an Albyn tenant. With increasing cost pressures on the society each £1 of your rent has to be carefully managed to ensure we can deliver the same service.

Based on the average weekly rent, this is how we spent each £1:

*Housing management incorporates not just costs related to the smooth functioning of the organisation but the provision of support to tenants, expenses related to the management and upkeep of common spaces and communal facilities, managing our tenancy engagement activities and communicating our activities to you.

Maintaining good quality homes

In 2022/23 we spent over £36.9m on new homes, repairs and maintenance and improvements. This included:

  • 179 Heating Systems or boilers
  • 13 Kitchens
  • 152 Bathrooms
  • 11 property’s Windows and Doors

88% of our homes meet the SHQS, exceeding the national average of 87%.

Energy Efficiency Standard for Social Housing (EESSH):

Continued investment is required to improve our housing to meet the Energy Efficiency Standard for Social Housing (EESSH). At the same time as improving energy efficiency, we must consider the resource requirements and timescales to implement zero-carbon heating systems across our housing stock. This is essential to meet the Scottish Government’s ambitious decarbonisation targets. Housing to 2040 sets out the commitment to adapt and retrofit existing homes to improve energy efficiency and decarbonise heating, highlighting housing’s contribution to ending climate change.
Our homes boast a compliance rate of 92%, surpassing the national average of 89%.

Compare Albyn to other local landlords including The Highland Council

While we work hard to improve our processes every day, we are confident that our performance routinely beats the national average, compare for yourself by visiting the regulators website to compare activities such as Homes and Rents, Tenant Satisfaction, Quality and Maintenance, Neighbourhoods and Value for Money.