High energy costs for Highland residents

Our CEO Kirsty Morrison spoke out in The Scotsman about how Highland residents unfairly pay the highest energy costs per unit in the UK, up to 4p per unit more – even though a wealth of energy is produced here.

Albyn Housing Society has created a five point action plan for the governments to help our residents:

  1. The Scottish and UK governments must stop companies from disconnecting electricity supplies due to non-payment of bills.
  2. Governments must provide either the staff or the finances to provide resources for extra energy advice and support within the home.
  3. A review into Scottish Government grant allocations and its criteria.
  4. The UK Government must take action to ensure Highland residents are not discriminated against by having to pay higher energy rates than the rest of the UK.
  5. The UK government must provide revenue to subsidise Highland residents until a permanent solution can be found.

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