Coronavirus: Protecting tenants and staff and maintaining quality customer service

As efforts step up to prevent and limit the spread of Coronavirus throughout the UK and beyond, we are taking steps to minimise service disruption and support our tenants and staff.


For the most up to date and accurate advice, we recommend checking the dedicated news pages being updated regularly by Health Protection Scotland and the NHS.

Albyn Housing Society Services

Following the latest UK Government advice, the majority of Albyn staff will now be working from home, although we will also be maintaining a skeleton staff at our locations in Invergordon and Inverness.

This approach will allow us to reduce the risk of spreading the virus, while also ensuring that we are able to deliver essential customer facing services over the coming 4-6 weeks when the peak infection period is expected to land.

While we make the adjustments that make it possible for staff to work effectively from their homes, we will do everything we can to manage any disruption. We would be very grateful for your patience and support while we all get used to this new way of working.

Keeping safe and well

In the interest of protecting staff, tenants and the wider public, we will be limiting face to face contact, with only a few exceptions where in-person attendance is unavoidable.

While these measures are in place, all contact with housing officers should be made by email or telephone in the first instance.

Whenever direct contact is required, we will take steps to identify whether those we will be meeting are vulnerable to the virus through a series of questions based on the latest UK Government advice.

We will then take steps to facilitate direct contact safely for everyone – bearing in mind that some people can be carriers of the virus without showing symptoms.


We are dedicated to protecting those most vulnerable from the effects of Coronavirus, and we are working with a wide range of partners to support those most at risk.

If you have any concerns, please contact your housing officer.

Thank you for your attention.

Lisa Buchanan,
Chief Executive, Albyn Housing Society


Coronavirus Protecting tenants and staff and maintaining quality customer service

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