Business Plan 2022-2027 (Y2 Update)

In “normal” years, we would provide a short update on our progress with our Business Plan and review our strategic objectives. However, the many challenges globally have forced us to rethink our strategic
view and condense our priorities for the next few years. We are in unprecedented times. This is being felt particularly within the housing sector, and we face a challenging few years ahead. Many issues
have beset the sector, and we have had to be an agile organisation to pivot direction and respond to these many crises, including but not limited to:

• The war in Ukraine and subsequent impact on fuel prices, and resulting fuel poverty.
• Continuing impacts on the supply chain due to Brexit
• Post Covid service recovery
• Cost of Living crisis
• Continual increase in interest rates affecting our variable debt.
• The Cost of Living (Tenant Protection) Act 2022, and the associated rent cap which now affects our Mid-Market Rent portfolio.
• Political uncertainty with resignation of the First Minister, and what that could mean for changing priorities for Government and a potential cabinet reshuffle.

However, as an organisation with a committed Board and staff team, we are truly resilient and are prepared for the challenges ahead. Our values include being adaptable, and the many factors that have
faced us over the past few years have not changed our passion and commitment to our customers, and to the Highlands. You can read the update to our business plan here.