Albyn Offers Timely Energy Advice to Tenants

Friday 2 November 2012

In the wake of recent news surrounding the upcoming hike in energy providers’ prices, we are reaching out to tenants to offer advice on how to keep costs down.

We own over 2,700 properties for rent plus many low-cost ownership homes across the Highlands. Our Chief Executive Calum Macaulay is keen to ensure tenants are not suffering in silence by highlighting how Albyn can help.

He said:  “There is an increasing strain on household budgets and the news that four of the big six energy providers are planning to increase their prices is concerning for us all.

“Energy costs are a top household worry for many of our tenants and it’s important they are aware that help is at hand.

“We launched the Tenancy Sustainment Team in March last year to provide tenants with the right help they need to live happily in their homes.

“It’s important our tenants know that the team is there to help them with any questions or concerns they may have on topics including energy efficiency, bills, debts or rent payments.”

The Tenancy Sustainment Team has prepared some handy hints for keeping costs throughout the winter to a minimum.  These include a range of ways to use less energy around the home and feature solutions such as not setting central heating higher than necessary; switching lights off when they are not needed; shopping around to use cheaper energy providers and finding out the cheapest way to pay bills, for example by a monthly direct debit.

For further information about the Tenancy Sustainment Team, and other services offered by Albyn Housing Society, please contact Albyn’s Inverness office on 01463 712516.