Arrangements for AGM this Year

As you know, last year we held our AGM virtually due to the restrictions on social gatherings imposed as a result of the pandemic.

Unfortunately, our current Society Rules do not allow us to hold virtual AGMs and the emergency legislation passed by the government last year that enabled us to hold meetings in this way has now expired.

We are therefore obliged to hold a physical AGM this year, however, due to the increasing levels of community transmission of COVID-19 the Board has decided that the following measures will be taken to reduce risks to public health:

  • Attendance at the meeting limited to the number required to conduct business (6 people).
  • All Society members will be asked to attend the AGM by proxy, rather than in person – this is where someone else is appointed to act as their representative at the meeting.
  • Non-members will not be invited to attend.

Usually, we invite non-members of the Society to attend the AGM, however, unfortunately this year we are unable to extend the invitation beyond members.

We will post the minute and recording of the AGM, along with our Annual Report on our website following the meeting.

We are sorry that we will not have the opportunity to meet with the community again this year and hope that you understand that we have decided to proceed in this way in order to safeguard public health and contribute to reducing the risk of community transmission of the virus.