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Our Customer Services staff are split into North and South teams and you can contact then by phone:

If you live in the North (areas north of, but not including, Inverness) please call our lo-call number: 0300 323 0990

If you live in the South (areas south of, and including, Inverness) please call our lo-call number: 0300 323 0991

If you are unsure which area you live in, please use the postcode look up function below, or click on the map to find out which team to contact.

Further contact information is contained on the menus to the left for the two teams who both cover the following work:

  • Allocation of properties: the maintenance of the housing lists, giving advice and information to applicants and allocating houses
  • Housing management: any issues to do with your tenancy (rent payments, arrears, neighbour complaints, parking, gardens, sub-letting, successions, assignations and exchange requests).
  •  Property Maintenance: any issues relating to the day to day repairs to your home.

Customer Services Manager North - Jim Banks:
Direct Dial: 01349 855981

Customer Services Manager South - Jennifer Soley:
Direct Dial: 01463 701272

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