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Drumnadrochit Development Completed April 2010Albyn Housing Society Limited serves an ever-growing number of communities in the Highlands, providing good quality, affordable housing for thousands of people across the region. Through three decades the Society has listened and responded to the views of its customers, local government, communities and businesses in meeting housing needs in the Highlands.

Albyn Housing Society began in 1973 by building homes for the incoming workers at Invergordon smelter. The 1980s saw the Society building to complement local authority housing in six District Council areas. In the 1990s 400 properties and tenants joined the Society by voluntary transfer from Scottish Homes. Partnership working with the Highland Council (and others) has been a major feature of the early years of the 21st century, producing significant new provision.

The Society now has over 2,800 properties in management in 60 communities across the Highlands. From origins of a handful of staff the Society now has 70 employees and has two offices; the registered office in Invergordon and a second office in Inverness.

The Society seeks to perform well as a customer-focused, innovative and equal-opportunities based business. We aim to exceed the performance standards required by The Scottish Housing Regulator and the auditors contracted to undertake internal and external audits of our activities. During recent years the Society has made innovations in providing more energy efficient homes. This has included new build and improvements to stock, to make housing more affordable to live in.

The Society is dedicated to building homes and supporting communities in the Highlands and is doing so in a way which puts quality, affordability and sustainability at the forefront of its efforts, by recognising the wider impact of housing for the people of the Highlands. Appropriately, significant investment goes into ensuring that tenants with changing needs can remain in their homes through adaptations.

We welcome and encourage customer and client feedback and our structure allows for participation at all levels. If you wish to become involved, please click on this link: Get Involved

The Society is a learning organisation, keen to deliver a wide range of services to best effect in tune with the needs of its customers. The people of the Highlands deserve no less.

If you would like to join the Society as one of our members, please click on this link to find out more: how to become a Society member

The Society is managed by a Board which is made up of voluntary members of the public who are also members of the Society.  More information on our Board members can be found by clicking on this link: Board Members

Answering to the Board is a group of senior staff who make up our Leadership Team, along with the Chief Executive.  Information on how to contact our members of staff can be found by clicking on this link: Staff Contact Information

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