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Albyn Housing Society is a registered Industrial & Provident Societies Act company, limited by guarantee. It is registered with The Scottish Housing Regulator as a Registered Social Landlord. Charitable status has been granted by the Inland Revenue. The Society is a member of the Scottish Federation of Housing Associations (SFHA) and Employers in Voluntary Housing (EVH).

Albyn Housing is regulated by The Scottish Housing Regulator, whose overall purpose is to regulate to:

  • protect the interests of current and future tenants, and other service users;
  • ensure the continuing provision of good quality social housing in terms of decent homes, good services, value for money and financial viability; and
  • maintain the confidence of funders.

Contained in this section is financial information such as our Statutory Accounts and the financial presentation given at our most recent Annual General Meeting.  These documents are available for download:

Report to the Board and Financial Statements to March 2017

Report to the Board and Financial Statements to March 2016
AGM 2016 Finance Presentation

Report to the Board and Financial Statements March 2015
AGM 2015 Finance Presentation

Report of the Board and Financial Statements March 2014
AGM 2014 Finance Presentation


Albyn Statutory Accounts 2013

Finance Presentation AGM 2013


Albyn Statutory Accounts 2012

Finance Presentation AGM 2012


Albyn Statutory Accounts 2011


Albyn Statutory Accounts 2010


Albyn Statutory Accounts 2009

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