Shared Ownership

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Telephone: 01463 701271


From time to time there is an opportunity to purchase a share of an existing Shared Ownership property from the sharing owner who is moving on.

They have applied to Albyn Housing Society to nominate a suitable purchaser for their share, which is offered for sale at the current market value.

The Society still owns the remaining share and the purchaser will sign a legal document called an Occupancy Agreement which covers each party’s responsibilities.

In addition to any mortgage repayment required, you would pay monthly occupancy charges to the Society.

As Sharing Owner you will have the right to buy further shares of the property, either by individual 25% shares over a period of time or staircasing up to 100% full ownership.

If you are a first-time buyer or on a Council / Housing Association waiting list, Albyn Housing Society Limited is providing an opportunity to part-buy, part-rent the following properties: