How to report a repair

It is very important that you inform us immediately that a repair is needed and that you allow our contractors access to your property. When a repair is completed promptly there is less disruption to you and your family and less cost to us. Lower costs keep rents low and give us more funds to upgrade and maintain your home.

There are several ways you can report a repair:

By Phone

Contact our Customer and Property Services Team

0300 323 0990


You can email

Emergency Call-out Arrangements

An emergency repairs service is available to our tenants outwith standard office hours. This service is for emergency repairs only. An emergency includes;

  • where there is a danger to life, for example fire, storm or flood
  • When your home is insecure, for example broken windows or damaged door/door locks.
  • Where repair is necessary to prevent further damage, for example flooding, burst pipes or serious roof leaks.
  • Where there is a complete loss of heat or power supply to your home, excluding area wide power cuts.

If you have an emergency at any time of day or night call 0300 323 0990

We aim to have all repairs to our properties completed as quickly as possible, however, the time it takes to complete a repair depends on a range of factors, including the nature of the repair, if parts are needed and available, the weather (for external repairs), the availability of access to your property and the urgency of the repair. In order to ensure that repairs are prioritised we classify out repairs as emergency, urgent or routine.

With the exception of emergencies, all our repairs are carried out during the working day and the contractor will arrange an appointment with you.

Emergency repairs

Emergency repairs will be carried out within 8 hours of the reported issue.


A repair is classed as urgent where any substantial delay in attending to the repair may result in further damage to the property, for example water penetration causing damage to ceilings or walls. We aim to have Urgent repairs completed within 2 working days of the repair being reported.


Any repair which does not class as emergency or urgent is classed as routine. We aim to have routine repairs completed within 10 working days of the repair being reported.