Contractors Information

Albyn Housing Society currently has over 150 contractors covering over 2500 properties throughout the North of Scotland. We pride ourselves on a close relationship with our contractors and are keen to ensure that our contractors work with us to provide the best service possible to our tenants.

Contractors list

All our contractors are asked to provide details of their competency and training prior to inclusion on our list and are asked to re-present these details to us on a bi-annual basis. A contractors pack is provided to our contractors outlining what we require of them.


Albyn Housing Society now has an Asbestos Register, which lists where asbestos is known or suspected to be within our properties. All our contractors are now asked to provide evidence of current Asbestos training and will be given access to our Asbestos Register.

Currently, we ask our contractors to contact us for access to the register. In future we intend to make our Asbestos Register available to our contractors in electronic form; however should a contractor wish to access our Asbestos Record in paper form we would ask that they inform us in advance of their inclusion on our contractors list.

Information for tenants; please note that asbestos is not dangerous if left undisturbed and is in good repair. We therefore ask our tenants not to attempt to carry out any invasive DIY or to make any repairs to their properties without contacting Albyn for information prior to starting the work. Our Housing Services Officers will carry out a yearly inspection of all known asbestos within our properties to ensure that it remains undisturbed and in good repair. Should you be concerned about possible asbestos in your home, please contact our Customer Services Team during office hours.