Transfers or Exchanges

Sometimes, your circumstances will change after you have moved into an Albyn home. You may find you need to move to another area or to a different size or type of home. There are two main ways that you can do this:


You can apply for a transfer to another Albyn property. We aim to allocate a quota of our homes to transfer applicants in any one year. You can get an application form from our office or download it from this website. Once we have received your form, we will give you points depending on your housing needs, and you will go onto a housing list along with all our other transfer applicants. If we are able to make an offer, it will usually be to the transfer applicant who has the highest points for the area and type of property available at the time.


You can also apply to exchange or swap your home with another tenant. This could be a tenant of Albyn or another housing association, or a council tenant. Exchanges can be done quite locally, but they can also help you to move to another area or part of the country altogether. You can advertise for an exchange in your local area (in shops or the local paper, for example). You can also register free with a national exchange scheme called House Exchange.

Visit their website at the link below to get more information.

What you must do first

  • You must get our permission and the permission of your exchange partner’s landlord first.
  • We will not normally refuse permission for an exchange or refuse to consider you for a transfer.

But we will need to consider the following things:

  • Your move or exchange will not result in our property becoming overcrowded or significantly under-occupied
  • You rent account must be up to date and you must have kept your home in a satisfactory condition
  • If your home has been adapted or let for a special need (for example, it is a supported tenancy, or has been adapted for a disability), the person you are exchanging with must qualify for it
  • If you are doing an exchange, the tenant coming in must accept your home in the decorative state you have left it in, and take on responsibility for any repairs that are your responsibility as well as any alterations or improvements that you have carried out
  • We will generally want to speak to you and carry out an inspection before you move

If you have any questions about an exchange or a transfer or need some more advice, please contact a member of our Customer Services Team.