Housing to Rent

We manage over 2,500 homes for rent or low cost ownership in over 60 different communities across the Highlands.

We let our houses to people who are registered on the Highland Housing Register.  This single housing list is operated by the six main providers of affordable rented housing in the Highlands (Albyn Housing Society, Cairn, Lochaber, Lochalsh and Skye, and Pentland Housing Associations and The Highland Council).

You can get an application form from our office or from any of the other Highland Housing Register landlords.  Anyone who is age 16 or over may apply for housing by completing a form (though there may restrictions on us accepting your application if you have come to Britain from abroad).

We award points for your application based on your current housing circumstances and needs.  When a house becomes available, we will generally allocate it to the person with the highest points who needs to live in the area and size of home available.

The length of time you have to wait will depend not only on your points, but also on the availability of suitable houses in the area you have chosen to live in, and the number of other applicants on the list and their circumstances relative to yours.

Demand for our houses is highest in the areas immediately around the Moray Firth, especially Inverness and the Black Isle.