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Fire safety

We have a joint project with the Highland and Islands Fire Rescue Service as part of our commitment to safety in your home.

Between three and six months after you move in, we will help to arrange your free fire-safety check.

The safety check will involve a Community Safety Advisor (CSA) visiting your home and, where necessary, making recommendations which will help reduce the risk of fire.

The safety check will take about 20 minutes. It will look at all areas of fire risk within your home, fit smoke alarms where necessary, and tell you how to maintain them. You will also receive advice and information on how to stay safe from fire, including kitchen dangers, safely getting rid of cigarette butts, using candles, heaters and electric blankets, and the points to consider when making a fire escape plan.

Visits must be arranged beforehand. The person carrying out the safety check will be in uniform and will carry an ID card. 

Smoke alarms

If your home has been fitted with battery-operated smoke alarms, you will be responsible for replacing the batteries.   

Smoke alarms can save lives. You must check your batteries regularly and replace them as soon as you need to.  If you do not know how to test your alarm or change your batteries, please contact our customer services department.

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