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1 Our responsibility 

We have a legal duty to maintain your home in a fit and safe state for you to live in.  We also have a commitment to provide good-quality housing.  In our Annual Report we will state how we have spent your rent on managing our organisation and maintaining all the properties we own.

Generally, we are responsible for keeping the structure and outside of your home in a good condition, and for keeping sanitary fittings (toilets, sinks, baths and so on) and installations for supplying water, gas and electricity in good repair and proper working order.  But if the damage is caused by your neglect or misuse, we will carry out the work and may charge you for it. 

2 Your responsibility

You are generally responsible for decorating the inside of your home and maintaining the fixtures and fittings.  This means that you should make sure your home is well decorated at the end of your tenancy.  You are responsible for damage to glass, doors, sinks, blocked sinks and drains, sweeping flues or chimneys, and replacing lost keys and damaged locks.

You must:

  •  report repairs as soon as you notice them; 
  •  allow us into your home to inspect it or carry out repairs;
  •  look after any garden or other ground let to you as part of your home; and 
  •  with your neighbours, keep any shared gardens or stairs clean and in good order. 

3 Who is responsible?

Click here to download a table which outlines the responsibility for different types of repairs.


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