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Frost-proofing your home

Keep warm

In order to avoid frozen pipes during the winter, try to keep your home warm day and night. Leave doors inside your home open to allow heat to circulate.

Attics and lofts

Check your attic or loft, especially if you have water storage tanks up there. Make sure that any insulation around the pipes and tanks has not moved or become damaged. 

Going on holiday

If you go away during the winter, drain your cold water, or ask us to do it for you (we will charge for this). 

Or, we can give you the details of one of our contractors who you can contact to make your own arrangements. If you leave your home empty for a period (for example, while you are on holiday), it is a good idea to leave keys with a neighbour and to tell the police. 

Shared-ownership and LIFT properties

If you live in a shared-ownership or LIFT property and need information on who is responsible for repairs, phone the Customer Services Team on:

  • North Area - Invergordon Office 0300 323 0990
  • South Area  - Inverness Office 0300 323 0991


We insure the structure of your home, but you must insure your belongings yourself. Fire, floods and accidents can mean financial disaster. 

Burst pipes

If you have a burst pipe:

  •  turn off the water at the stopcock;
  •  switch off all the electricity at the mains; 
  •  switch off the central heating;
  •  turn all your taps on; and
  •  call the Customer Services Number: North - 0300 323 0990    South - 0300 323 0991

Remember – we are not responsible for any damage caused to your personal belongings by frost damage or burst pipes or water tanks.  

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