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Energy-efficiency advice

Energy costs have risen sharply in recent years and are expected to continue rising. There are a number of things you can do to keep your energy bills down. 

The greatest energy savings can be made when the walls and roofs of homes are well insulated and heating systems are efficient. We are in the process of carrying out a programme of work to make sure that all our housing will meet the Scottish Housing Energy Efficiency Standards by 2015. 


You can also help save energy by following the energy-saving tips below.

  •  Use energy-saving light bulbs. Each bulb lasts around 12 times longer than normal bulbs and uses 75% less electricity. 
  •  Turn electrical appliances off when you are not using them. Do not leave them on standby. 
  •  Turn your heating thermostat down. Turning your heating down by 10C can save you around £30 a year. 
  •  In the winter time, use heavy curtains and close them at dusk. 
  •  When you put the kettle on, only boil as much water as you need. 
  •  Don’t leave your fridge-freezer door open for longer than necessary. 
  •  If you are buying a new electrical appliance, aim to buy appliances rated A+ if you can afford them. Your older fridge-freezer may use two and a half times more electricity than a modern A-rated one uses.
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