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You will have been told what seeding and cutting the contractor will carry out under the terms of their building contract.

We must emphasise that once you take over the property, you become responsible for maintaining the garden.  If you are a tenant and do not keep your garden in a good state, we can do any necessary work and charge you for it. If you are either a tenant or the owner of the property and the contractor has to come back because you have reported a fault, but the matter turns out not to be a fault, we will charge you for the call-out. 

Please take note of the following advice on gardening. 


The contractor will have removed stones from the site, weeded and laid grass seed. However, stones will rise from the soil to the surface of the lawn until the grass roots are established. Some areas will have a lot of stones, which means that stones will continue to rise for some time. We recommend that you rake the stones out gently at regular intervals to avoid damage to your lawnmower.

The grass will take time to establish and grow. It should start to show within 21 days, depending on the weather. Please make sure that you avoid walking over the area as much as you can until the grass is established.  If the weather is very dry you will need to water the grass to help it grow, but please take care to use a gentle watering technique, (a garden sprinkler or hose with a fine spray attachment is ideal). Too much water in the early days can make the seeds float into concentrations and your grass will then grow in patches.  Animal fouling causes particular problems with grass. If your dog fouls the grass, make sure you clean it up immediately. It is important that you follow this advice as we are not responsible for making good a garden that has been damaged in this way.


It takes time for grass roots to establish.  Also, if grass is not allowed to grow properly in its early stages, the lawn is more likely to pond or flood.  New lawns are more likely to have flooding than older, more established lawns.

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