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Transfer to another home

In the future, the home you live in may no longer be suitable for you.  You can apply to us for a transfer or apply to other landlords for housing.  Or you can swap homes with another tenant of ours or of a housing association or local authority.  This is known as a mutual exchange. 

Transfer to another home

You can apply to move to a different type or size of house or to a different area.  Each year, we aim to offer at least 25% of all our empty properties to tenants who have applied for a transfer.  

We will normally offer a transfer to the applicant with the highest need to move.  We will work this out by allocating points.   

We may not allow you to transfer if:

  •  you are behind with your rent;  
  •  you have not kept your home in good condition; or  
  • we have had to deal with complaints about behaviour related to your tenancy.

If you want to apply for a transfer, phone our Customer Services Team. 

Mutual exchanges

If you want to swap homes with another tenant, you can advertise this on our Mutual Exchange books in our Invergordon and Inverness offices. Or you can look out for other people’s adverts in local council housing offices or other housing association offices.  You can also advertise in local papers or on noticeboards in local supermarkets.  If you have internet access, you can also advertise on landlords’ websites.

There is a national scheme available that helps people to swap homes with tenants in other parts of the UK.  This is called ‘House Exchange ’, and you can register for free on the website at It is very simple to register and you will receive information on potential swaps by email or text message.  When you find someone who you want to exchange with it is up to you to contact him or her.  You can arrange to visit each other’s homes.  Please inspect their home carefully.  Make sure you would be happy to move into it the way it is.  We will not carry out any decorating or repairs for you, unless there are structural or safety issues. 

If you decide that you want to swap homes, you and the other tenant must fill in an Application for Mutual Exchange form.  If the other tenant is not our tenant, they will also have to contact their landlord and you will have to fill in a form from that landlord.  You cannot go ahead with the swap until both landlords have given their permission in writing.

We may not allow the exchange to go ahead if:

  • either of you have rent arrears; 
  • either of you have not looked after your home;  
  • either of you have had complaints about behaviour made against you; or
  • we cannot get a satisfactory reference from the other tenant’s landlord.  

Also, we will not allow the exchange if it will result in our property being overcrowded or much larger than the new tenant needs, or if your home is of a special type and the other tenant does not need that particular type of housing.

We aim to make a decision on whether to allow the exchange within 28 days of receiving your Application for Mutual Exchange form.  

You can download mutual exchange forms here.

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