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Right to compensation

Right to compensation

If you have made certain improvements to your property, at the end of your tenancy we might be able to compensate you for the cost of the work.  To get compensation:

  •  you must have got our written permission before the work was carried out; 
  •  you must have carried the work out to a good standard; 
  • the work must have been carried out after 30 September 2002; and 
  • the improvement must be one of the following.
  • Fitting a bath or shower
  • Cavity wall insulation
  • Having double glazing or secondary glazing
  • Replacing windows
  • Draught-proofing outside doors or windows
  • Insulating pipes and water tanks or cylinders
  • Installing mechanical ventilation in the bathroom or kitchen
  • Fitting a new kitchen sink
  • Insulating the loft 
  • Rewiring and providing lighting or other electrical fixtures or fittings, including smoke detectors
  • Fitting security measures other than burglar alarms
  • Providing new heating or water heating
  • Fitting storage cupboards in the bathroom or kitchen
  • Putting thermostatic radiator valves on radiators
  • Fitting a new wash basin
  • Putting in a toilet
  • Replacing or fitting worktops or work surfaces in the kitchen 

If you want to claim compensation for any of the above, ask the Customer Services Team for more information.

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