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Signing your tenancy agreement

On the day you are due to sign your tenancy agreement your housing services officer will meet you in your new home and go through the process with you.  This will include the following.

  • Showing you round the property.
  • Going through the tenancy agreement in detail and getting you to sign it.
  • Going through our tenants’ handbook, highlighting the parts on repairs, rent, involving tenants and our contact details.
  • Going through our customer care standards and complaints procedure.
  • Collecting the first month’s rent. 
  • Checking your entitlement to Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit, and filling in a claim form with you if necessary. 
  • Agreeing how you want to pay your rent in future, after explaining the AllPay system, standing orders and other payment methods. 
  • Providing full details about the house (for example, where the stopcock is, how the heating works and what the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is). 
  • Providing information about any shared areas.
  • Handing over the keys for the property, including a key to the meter box if necessary, and explaining any security measures.
  • Making a note of any support you have asked for, to pass on to external support agencies.
  • Checking that you have your wheelie bin and that it is in the correct place.
  • Showing you where your meter is and taking meter readings. 
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