Why do you need to inspect my home?

As a provider of social housing we are required to meet the standards which the Scottish Government has laid down. If you would like to know more about Scottish Housing Quality Standard please follow this link to the Scottish Government website.


 In order to ensure that your property meets these standards we will require to make periodic inspections of your home. We may also inspect your home if you have reported an on going fault or problem, or to ensure that our contractors have completed a repair to the standards we expect.


If you are unhappy with the state of repair within your home you can request a visit from your Housing Services Officer who will advise on the necessary steps to remedy the situation.


When we need to carry out an inspection we will contact you to arrange access. Access will always be during office hours, except during emergencies. On arrival, our Housing Services Officer will show you identification and, if you wish, you can contact the office on: 01349 852978.

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