What we ask of you

While we are committed to providing you with a good quality home, we do ask that you do some things to help us help you.

Reporting repairs
It is important that you inform us straight away when repairs need done and that you allow us access to carry out those repairs. A neglected minor repair can very quickly become a major repair, leading to more inconvenience to you and your family and increased costs to us. Increased costs mean we have less money available to upgrade and maintain your home.

You can find information on how to report a repair on our “How to report a repair” page.

Your general responsibilities
In general, you are responsible for the internal decoration of your home and the good maintenance of the fixtures and fittings. We ask that you return the house to us in a good general decorative state at the end of your tenancy and that you repair any damage to glass, doors, walls and sinks. We also ask that you clear internal choked drains and that you replace any lost/damaged keys and locks.

We also ask that you take your turn cleaning and keeping in good order any common or shared areas to which you have access, including gardens, stairs and drying areas.

If you are uncertain whether of not you are responsible for a repair the list below shows what we ask you to take responsibility for and what exceptions, if any, exist.

Clothes Lines, except communal drying lines


Decoration (internal), except communal areas

Decorative tiles, except where provided by AHS Ltd

Divisional Fencing, except where provided by AHS Ltd

Door Glass (internal)

Door Name Plates

Electrical Plugs

Fluorescent Tubes, except those provided for senior citizens and in communal areas

Fuses to Plugs

Gas Detectors, except where provided by AHS Ltd

Green Houses

Glass (internal), except in communal areas

Keys (replacement)

Light Bulbs, except those in communal areas

Outbuildings, except where provided by communal areas

Painting (internal), except in communal areas

Pigeon Lofts

Plugs/chains for bath, sink & wash hand basin

Ropes for Clothes Drying, except those provided for communal use

Sheds, except where provided by AHS Ltd

Shower Curtains

Smoke Detector Batteries, except those for hard wired smoke detectors

TV Aerials, except communal systems where there is provision in the service charge

Waste plugs/chains to basins, baths, sinks

WC seats/lids/fittings

Further information is also available on our “What we do for you” page and from our Customer Services team, who are available between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Gardens and grounds
When you let a property from AHS Ltd, you become responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of any gardens or grounds let with it. If you are unable to maintain your garden to an acceptable standard and you are elderly or disabled there may be help available for you, please contact the Customer Services team for further information.

Laminated flooring
Laminated wooden flooring has become increasingly popular in recent years, this has led to problems when we require to carry out work below the floorboards. To prevent damage to your laminate, we strongly suggest that you use ‘click’ system rather that 'glued' so laminate can be re-laid after the work is completed. For further information please see our Laminate Flooring Advice page.

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