Can I do my own repairs

In short, the answer is no. Unless you are a qualified tradesman, for your own safety we do not allow any tenants to make repairs to our properties, however, there are situations where you may be responsible for repairs or where you may wish to make improvements to your home.

Damage where you are responsible
If you have damaged your property through negligence or misuse we will carry out the repair and recharge you or you may wish to organise a reputable, qualified tradesman to carry out the work for you at you own cost.

Improving your home
You may wish, for example, to put up shelves or hang curtain rails to make your home more individual or more in keeping with your own tastes. These minor DIY jobs are your own responsibility and done at your own risk. As with all DIY jobs you must enstoolbox 1ure that you are safe and able to carry out the project. If you are unsure, you should seek professional advice or employ a reputable tradesman.

We also realise that a tenant may wish, for example, to put in a new kitchen, build a shed, install Sky or a shower, and wherever possible we are happy for our tenants to carry out improvements within their homes. There are however, circumstances which would prevent these improvements from being done and therefore we ask that you request permission in writing before you carry out any work. We also ask that you employ a reputable, qualified tradesman to carry out the work. If you are unsure who to use you can contact our Customer Services team and they can offer advice.


For permission to make improvements, please either contact your Housing Services Officer or our Customer Services Team.

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