Allpay: App for your Smart Phone

Do you know you can also pay for your rent and service charges from your Apple, Windows or Android smart phone? Well… can!  Some of our customers are already making their payments to us by using their smart phones.  The allpay Payment App is a mobile application (App) available to download from the  Apple App Store or Windows Phone store and Google Play and it looks like this:

allpay sign

Using allpay's Payment App - "Quick sign in, simple to use and quick to pay. Perfect!"

  • Allows you pay anytime, anywhere.
  • Securely stores Payment Reference Numbers, bank details and payment amounts.
  • Is free to download

It is important you  have an allpay rent payment swipe card  to use the App because you will use the long Payment Reference Number (PRN) found on it as part of the on-line sign up process. If you don’t have an allpay swipe card please contact either 0300 323 0990 North Area or 0300 323 0991 South Area  and we will arrange for a card to be sent out. If you have one already then that’s great!

Here is some information on how to download the app.

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