How to report a repair

It is very important that you inform us immediately that a repair is needed and that you allow our contractors access to your property. When a repair is completed promptly there is less disruption to you and your family and less cost to us. Lower costs keep rents low and give us more funds to upgrade and maintain your home.

There are several ways you can report a repair:

(check whether you live in the North or South of our area by using this LINK)

If you live in the North area (north of, but not including, Inverness) please contact us by:

Phone: 0300 323 0990

If you live in the South area (south of, and including Inverness) please contact us by:

Phone: 0300 323 0991

In person             
The receptionists in our Invergordon and Inverness would be happy to speak to you during office hours.

Emergency Call-out Arrangementstoolbox 1


The emergency service is provided to deal with a specific range of circumstances.


A repair is classed as an emergency;

When your home is insecure, for example broken windows or damaged door/door locks.

Where there is danger to life and limb, for example your home is unsafe after a storm or fire.

Where repair is necessary to prevent further damage, for example flooding, burst pipes or serious roof leaks.

Where there is a complete loss of heat or power supply to your home, excluding area wide power cuts.

If you have an emergency at any time of day or night please call the 0300 number for your area as listed above.

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