Power Cuts

Despite the best efforts of electricity providers, storm damage will occasionally cause power cuts. Generally power cuts last for a very short time but on occasion they can last for a number of days. This is a rare event, but it is easy to be prepared by following our simple check list.

Have torches and lanterns, with spare batteries, stored in an easy to reach place. Avoid using candles as they are a fire risk.

  • Make sure that you have plenty of warm clothing and blankets to hand. Your central heating won’t work without electricity and your home may get cold.
  • Have a battery powered or wind-up radio and your mobile phone to hand so you can keep in contact with events.
  • Have crisps, energy bars and other snacks in case you get hungry before the electricity comes back on.

Be part of your community

A power cut can be distressing for elderly and vulnerable members of your community and we ask our more able tenants to take some time to offer what support or assistance they can. Simply knocking on the door and asking if they are ok can make a huge difference.

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